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Top 3 Ways to Make $500 Per Month as a Mom

by | Apr 5, 2017

Are you a stay-at-home mom who wants to make some extra income for your family? Or have a little extra every year to go on vacations?

You may have considered starting an online business, joining a multi-level marketing company and selling products, or even trying to blog for money. Regardless what you’ve considered in the past, there’s plenty of ways for you to start making money even on a few hours a week! You can call it a “side hustle,” a “vacation funding experiment” or a challenge to yourself to find ways to make an extra $500 per month. No matter which way you cut it, there are options for you to make money online!

I was recently asked to contribute to an article where I was asked what I think any new mom could do to make an extra $500 per month – and I wanted to share my answers with you today.

1. Create your own e-book or e-course based on what you already know and sell it to a niche audience.

If you know a topic or a process inside and out, chances are there are others in the world who want to know what you know. Package up what you know and sell it to others! You don’t need to know everything a topic, you just need to be one step ahead of your audience. People love learning from other normal people, and what kind of expertise do you have if not as a normal person?

If you have no clue where to start coming up with ideas on what kinds of courses or ebooks you can create and share, be sure to check out my course on how to come up with and execute on your big idea.

2. Start a website (with a defined niche) and become an Amazon affiliate to share products that you have personally used and can recommend to a targeted group of people.

I didn’t take using Amazon as a source of income seriously until just a few months ago, but once I really paid attention to adding pertinent links to my blog posts, my income soared. I went from making about $40 per month to around $120 per month in just about 4 months. It’s really not hard at all, you just have to add those links wherever it makes sense and reap the rewards. And make sure that you’re getting targeted traffic to your website or blog. The more people you bring in to see your content, the more likely those people are to click your links and turn into affiliate income for you.

3. Find affiliate products (outside of Amazon) to recommend to your niche audience.

Tell people the services or tools you already use and love – and profit from spreading the word. There are all kinds of affiliate opportunities out there, you just have to do a little bit of work finding products that make sense for your business. A great place to start for virtual products is ClickBank. For this website, I am an affiliate for some of the business tools I use, like HostGator and ConvertKit. For my website dedicated to a gluten-free dairy-free diet, I found menu plans and cookbooks that I recommend to my audience. The trick is to find opportunities that feel natural and that you already use and love, otherwise it just feels forced and fake – and no one likes to be on the receiving end of that. You can promote these products either in email or on your website – it’s totally up to you how you share these products.

If you loved these three tips, you’ll find even more value inside the roundup put together over at Maternity Glow. There are a TON of ideas for how to make money on the side – or inside your new online business. Find out what 45 other bloggers had to say about how to make $500 per month in a side hustle here.

Are you a stay-at-home mom who wants to make some extra money? An extra $500 per month can go a long way - but what can you do to get there? Check out these 3 tips for making $500 per month as a mom in a side hustle.

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