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How To Start an Online Business​ by Selling What You Know

Sell What You Know, Make Money Online, and Leverage Your Time + Energy

This FREE 7-day email course “How to Start an Online Business by Selling What You Know” contains some of the best content I’ve put together on online business to date!

These are the top 7 things you’ll walk away with from this free course:

  1. How to start an online business while leveraging your time + energy by teaching what you already know
  2. Find hidden time in your day to dedicate to creating a business - even when you’re busy raising your kids during the day
  3. Learn my #1 tip for running an online business in under 10 hours per week
  4. Find out exactly what you should spend your money on when starting an online biz (all under $100 too!)
  5. Learn the biggest myths and mistakes so many moms make when getting started - and how to avoid them yourself
  6. Learn about leveraged income (i.e. passive income) and why it will fast become your best friend in business
  7. The three things that held me back from starting an online business - and why I don’t want you to use the same excuses to stop you from your dreams

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