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5 Easy Ways To Make More Money As An Amazon Affiliate

by | Nov 15, 2017

I’ve talked before about my experience with the Amazon affiliate program – and why I recommend it to anyone who has a website and online business. It’s an easy way to share products that you love and earning a little extra income in the process.

I’ve been an “Amazon associate” for three years now through my other website dedicated to gluten-free dairy-free eating and living. And up until about a year ago, I had only put one or two Amazon affiliate links on my site as a whole. Then as I was considering taking a step back from blogging on that website as a whole for a while, I thought “Hmm.. let’s see how this Amazon thing does and if this will lend me any income.”

So I put links up on my top three blog posts that were going completely viral on Pinterest at the time – and waited it out. Like I said, I took a step back from that website (in all honesty, I was a bit burned out from blogging and motherhood, and was excited to get this website going). I didn’t check back in with my Amazon account until months later.

Boy, was I surprised to find that just a couple links on three blog posts was actually making me money!

Amazon affiliate earnings for 2016

You can see where I realized that this whole affiliate thing was working and I started adding more links throughout my website (July/August). In August, things started going up and up again. And by November, I realized that with the results I was seeing, I better get my booty back to blogging so I could share more resources and links with my audience.

All in all, I helped Amazon ship $5,684.15 and I made $328.21 in commission in 2016 – without writing a more than two blog posts until November. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

(Side note: THAT is the power of writing blog posts that aren’t time-sensitive. Someone somewhere can always find value in them, no matter if I wrote it last week or three years ago. These blog posts are still my most popular and the reason this audience continues to grow.)

I decided that 2017 would be the year that I focused more on increasing my affiliate sales through Amazon and spent a lot of time in the first three months of the year, testing out different methods for sharing and increasing that income stream.

Now that I’m past this initial testing period, I want to share a few things that I’ve learned over the past few months about how I’ve increased my affiliate income – and ways you can too.

5 Easy Ways To Make More Money As An Amazon Affiliate

Add a “deals” page to your website.

I created a Weekly Cookbook Deals page for my website. My website is dedicated to a gluten-free dairy-free diet and lifestyle, and I know that my audience is always looking for new recipes and cookbooks to try. Amazon offers free ebooks every week so I thought – hey what better way than to share those great free resources with my list and also potentially see some affiliate commission from these sales, without having to create a ton of new recipes myself?

Now, I don’t receive any commissions from these free ebooks, but the idea is that I might see some from other items they purchase during that same 24-hour period where they’ve clicked one of my links.

Action: Make a deals page with something relevant to your audience. And don’t forget to email your list every time you update the page!

Create a “resources page” where you share your top recommended products for your niche.

You can create a page on your own site and add affiliate images and links to it.

I used to have an “aStore” setup through Amazon, but they’ve since closed that feature down. Now, I use to curate my lists of recommended products for my audience.

The idea behind this page is that the more valuable information you can provide about products related to your niche and things that your audience is already looking for, they will be more than willing to check out your recommendations since they’re learning to know and trust you as an expert in your niche.

Action: Come up with a list of resources that your audience would be interested in relation to your niche. Be sure to link up products that your readers can purchase through Amazon.

Add affiliate links to EVERY pertinent blog post.

If you’ve been blogging for a long time, don’t worry – just start with updating your top 5 to 10 posts in terms of traffic. This is the very first thing I did over a year ago when I decided to stop blogging on this site. I added pertinent product links to my top blog posts and where I previously only saw a couple dollars here and there, I was consistently making between $30 and $40 per month for a number of months. Once I picked up regular blogging (and affiliate product linking), this started increasing again and again.

Here are three examples of posts I use Amazon affiliate links:

Action: look for opportunities in your blog posts and writing for places you can link up to products you’re talking about – even if it doesn’t seem relevant. I’ve linked to my favorite baby carrier as well as my favorite foods. It doesn’t matter what you link, just create the opportunities to be helpful to your audience. Anticipate their questions with links to what you use and recommend.

Install the Ad Inserter plugin from WordPress to add affiliate ad links to the bottom of your blog posts.

I did some research into how I could increase my affiliate earnings through Amazon and found this to be one of the easiest tips to follow through on. I installed this plugin and it “magically” shows ads on the bottom of my blog posts (click here and scroll to the bottom to see an example) that are relevant to the post topic and content.

I’m not 100% on how it works, but it basically scans your post content for keywords and looks for anything that might be relevant in Amazon and shows those products. You can choose how you want those ad blocks to show up – I just happened to show it at the end of posts and in a 4x1 or 4x2 block. You can change the settings to whatever you prefer or what looks right for your blog.

Action: Install this plugin and sit back and watch your affiliate commissions increase.

Write product reviews or mention products you use regularly.

Write reviews – even if it’s an aside to what your main topic is about. This is something I’ve just started doing and really want to get into more of as time allows. I have in my mind that I’ll do a product review on just about every product that I use that’s gluten and dairy-free to create a huge resource for my audience, but I just don’t have the time to do that level of detail just yet (there’s always room for improvement and upgrades in business!).

For now, I’ve created a few posts reviewing certain products or comparing products (like dairy-free milks) to add value for my reader – and share those affiliate links! Whatever your niche, you can write product reviews or even a couple sentences related to products you use and recommend for your audience to try out.

Action: What are some products that your audience would love to learn more about before purchasing? Do the hard work for them, write a review, and help make those tough purchasing decisions.

After all the updates I’ve made, here’s my current income for 2017 (as of mid-August 2017).

Amazon affiliate earnings for 2017 after implementing some new money-making strategies

You can see that I’ve had a nice jump this year so far, although not exactly what I expected going into the summer. However, one big thing I’ve learned about this website is that my traffic and conversions have always dipped in the summer months, then spike again around the holiday season and New Year’s. So I’ll be curious to see how this all shakes out over the last few months of the year. Either way, I’ve already beat my Amazon affiliate earnings from last year – so I’m calling it a win!

I encourage you to try out some of these methods if you’re already an Amazon affiliate. And if you’re not, go sign up now – and be sure to check out this post all about why you should become one no matter what niche you’re part of.

If you’re a blogger or a stay-at-home mom looking to make some extra cash for your family, becoming an Amazon affiliate is an awesome way to monetize what you already do - share what you love. Whether you’re just getting started with the Amazon affiliate program or are a seasoned affiliate, be sure to check out these 5 easy ways to make more money as an Amazon affiliate to escalate your earnings today.