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21 Inspiring Tips for Beginner Bloggers

by | Sep 15, 2017

I’ve been blogging for close to 7 years now. And really, even before my official “blogging” began as a way to share my ideas and knowledge, I was blogging. I was a beginner blogger – I just didn’t call it that. Since I was in high school, I was participating in online forums, writing short little tidbits about my life on Livejournal (remember those days?) and sharing stories and what I was learning on MySpace. To put it lightly, I’ve had my life and ideas expressed on the Internet in some capacity for the past 15 years.

Which totally makes me feel old by the way. But the thing is that despite what I’m talking about, what I’m writing about, and how I’m expressing it – blogging is always what I come back to. I hate to put myself in the box of “writer” since I often feel like writer tends to mean author or someone who has been published. But I’ve certainly been around the online blogging world for a long time – and that seems like enough to call me a seasoned blogger.

In all that time, I’ve shared my experiences on a ton of different topics, talked to many different audiences, and come up with email lists of thousands of people. I’ve written about how I’m decorating my bedroom, what it’s like to finish college, be in a long-distance relationship, how I learned to cook on my own, learning about my food intolerances, teaching others how to eat more healthy, and sharing what I know about online business, tech, and blogging. No matter what I talk about, I always come back to sharing my knowledge.

That’s precisely what I want to do today with this blog. Within these 7 years, I’ve come up with a ton of tips and strategies to become a better blogger, to make money online, and to stay motivated blogging. But here are my very high-level top 21 tips for beginner bloggers. I hope if you’re just getting started that you enjoy this list as much as I did in putting it together!

  1. Choose a niche that you love to talk about and that others will love to read about
  2. Choose a website platform that will withstand the test of time
  3. Find a website theme that is easy to use, has a lot of white space, and is easy to navigate for your readers
  4. Find a domain name that has the associated social profiles available as well
  5. Choose website hosting that is aligned with where you’re at as a beginner
  6. Get set up with an email marketing service that works FOR you as a blogger
  7. Begin collecting email addresses as soon as you can on your blog
  8. Organize your blog post ideas so you always know what you’re going to write the moment you sit down to put your ideas down
  9. Write in a conversational tone – you don’t need to sound like an expert, just someone who has something to say about the topic you’re covering
  10. Use time-saving tools and software that will help you get more done faster
  11. Use templates and systems to keep organized with the tasks you do over and over again
  12. Learn the 8 most shareable types of blog posts and the ones you plan to use the most for your niche and audience
  13. Find out where your audience hangs out online to get inspiration on what to write about and where to promote your content
  14. Don’t forget to promote your blog posts– be systematic and organized around spreading the word about your blog posts
  15. Find what works in writing and growing your blog audience – and repeat it over and over
  16. Come up with a free opt-in offer your target audience can’t refuse – and offer it in exchange for their email address
  17. Focus on growing your traffic and audience before considering monetizing your blog. Having that audience foundation in place is worth focusing on before trying to monetize
  18. Consider your different monetization strategies and go for what aligns most with your audience and you as a blogger
  19. Think about monetization strategies for both the short and long-term games. Affiliates, products, and sponsored posts are all ideas to consider
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